The Opening Message from the Chairperson

Prioritising Patients True Benefit

During my dental school graduation ceremony, Professor Hajime Fuchihata, the then-Dean of School of Dentistry, Osaka University and Honorary President of Naniwa Dental Hygiene Professional School, quoted Confucius, saying, "Do not give to others what you do not desire", and emphasised the importance of an empathetic approach in dentistry. Interestingly, I had deeply been moved by Confucius' renowned definition of "compassion",which led me to adopt it as my guiding principle in my future career as a dentist.

However, I soon encountered a disheartening reality where the latest knowledge and techniques acquired at university were not effectively integrated into the UK's universal health insurance system. I came across instances of dental treatments lacking the compassion I strongly believe in situations where I would not have desired such treatment if I were the patient (for example, procedures involving drilling and filling without adequately explaining the reasons behind the tooth decay). These experiences challenged the attitude I had embraced since graduation. In response, I made a resolute decision to wholeheartedly pursue the path of compassion, even if it meant deviating from societal norms. I embarked on a personal experiment to push the boundaries, fully aware that I might face criticism for prioritising compassion over financial stability.

This life experiment eventually led me to study at Malmö University in Sweden, where I had the privilege of working with Professor Douglas Bratthall. He epitomised the ideals of Confucius and consistently empathised with his patients, students and audience. His passion for researching the causes of tooth decay and developing patient-centred tools, along with his role as a consultant to the World Health Organisation, demonstrated his unwavering commitment to global tooth decay prevention.

Together with Dr Gunnel Hänsel Petersson, Professor Bratthall was at the forefront of the emerging field of caries risk assessment. Unfortunately, tragedy struck as he fell ill and passed away, leaving behind a profound impact on those he mentored. However, whenever I visit Malmö University, I sense the enduring presence of Professor Bratthall's spirit, passed down to the next generation. Dr Petersson beautifully described it as "Douglas dropped a drop on the surface of the water, and now it seems to be spreading as a ripple".

With the establishment of the non-profit organisation "Promoting Scientific Assessment in Prevention of Tooth Decay and Gum Disease" (PSAP), our aspiration is to extend this ripple's reach to Japan, ensuring Japanese patients also reap its benefits. Placing the patient at the centre of oral health care, we strive to inform them about the most advanced preventive methods, requiring dental professionals to implement them in their practices. Our commitment remains steadfast in providing oral health care that aligns with the principle of treating others as we would want to be treated. The commitment to compassion I made during my graduation ceremony guides our future endeavours.

Yours sincerely,

Chairperson of the board
Non-profit organisation "Promoting Scientific Assessment in Prevention of Tooth Decay and Gum Disease" (PSAP)
Date: 18th October 2010 (Revised: 26th June 2023)

Brief History of the Chairperson

Makiko NISHI

Dentist / MDPH / Ph.D. / Bachelor (Dentistry) / Bachelor (Education)

After graduating from Osaka University School of Dentistry, I worked in the Department of Conservative Dentistry and Hiyoshi Dental Clinic at the same university, as well as at three World Health Organization Collaborating Centers including Malmö University, University College Cork and Niigata University. I am pursuing the goal of "Health for All" regarding dental caries by applying the latest knowledge of cariology to low- and middle-income countries. Having spent about 15 years in Europe, he holds a weekly online seminar "Sunday Fika" based on global standards. I also shares high quality dental information to the public via social media.

1992 Graduated from Kobe University, Faculty of Education
1996 Graduated from Osaka University, Faculty of Dentistry
1996〜1999 Worked at Department of Conservative Dentistry at the same university
2000〜2001 Studied abroad at Malmö University
2001〜2004 Worked at Hiyoshi Dental Clinic, Yamagata
2005〜2007 Acquisition of Master of Dental Public Health, University College Cork
2008〜2018 Acquisition of Ph.D. at the same university
2018 Established NPO "Promoting Scientific Assessment in Prevention of Tooth Decay and Gum Disease" (PSAP)
2020〜2021 Worked at Niigata University Medical and Dental Hospital, Department of Preventive and Conservative Dentistry (Preventive Dentistry)

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NPO's Name Promoting Scientific Assessment in Prevention of Tooth Decay and Gum Disease
Established 2010/7/23
  1. Prevention of the two major oral diseases (tooth decay and periodontal disease)
  2. Lifelong oral and general health
  3. Science-Based Medicine
Representative Makiko NISHI, BEd, DDS, MDPH, PhD
  1. Providing information via the Internet
  2. Promoting public awareness of preventive dentistry based on risk assessment
  3. Conducting surveys and research on oral prevention based on the latest findings
  4. Publication of relevant materials
  5. Organising lectures and events
  6. Undertaking any other necessary activities to achieve the objectives